Brassica veg can be attacked by bot only birds, but also Cabbage White butterflies which lay their eggs on the young crops. The resultant caterpillars can destroy a whole crop of brassica from cauliflowers, cabbages, sprouts, broccoli, kale, spring greens and calabrese. Protecting your vegetables with a butterfly netting covered vegetable cages / frame will ensure that your crops are undamaged and deliver a good harvest. Butterfly proof veg cage kits are supplied to the size of frame you require, with connectors, ground spikes, 7mm anti-butterfly netting and netting ground pegs.

The frames are manufactured from a high strength lightweight aluminium tubing which is powder coated green. The frame is constructed and connected together with our unique "Build-a-ball" connectors. The anti-butterfly netting is manufacture from tough woven PP netting and has a 7mm butterfly proof mesh holes. The 7mm size allows pollinating insects into the cage. Frames are sold in kits with all the elements required to build the protection cage you require. The kits are supplied flat-packed and are really quick and easy to assemble and pack away at the end of the season.



  • Frames are covered with a woven 7mm polypropylene anti-butterfly netting
  • 7mm netting stops butterflies and the Cabbage white from laying eggs on brassica vegetables
  • Frame tubing is constructed from green powder coated aluminium
  • Plastic "Build-a-ball" connectors provide a quick and solid connection to horizontal and vertical tubes
  • Adjacent frames can be joined to make larger veg cages
  • Ideal protection for cabbages, cauliflowers, sprouts, broccoli and calabrese
Cages are available in 1m or 1.25m aluminium powder coated tubes lengths which are connected to each other using the “Build-a-Ball” frame connectors. Ground spikes for the uprights fix the vertical frame tubes and into the soil to give the frame a solid platform. The 7mm woven butterfly netting is draped over the veg cages and secured to the ground using the supplied pegs. A handy storage bag is supplied with each kit for when not in use.


Brassica Cage 100L 7mm mesh 1m x 1m x 62.5cm UT1GLD200-01 £32.95
Brassica Cage 100M 7mm mesh 1m x 1m x 1.25m UT1GLD200-02 £37.95
Brassica Cage 100H 7mm mesh 1m x 1m x 1.75m UT1GLD200-03 £41.95
Brassica Cage 200L 7mm mesh 2m x 1m x 62.5cm UT1GLD200-04 £41.95
Brassica Cage 200M 7mm mesh 2m x 1m x 1.25m UT1GLD200-05 £47.95
Brassica Cage 200H 7mm mesh 2m x 1m x 1.75m UT1GLD200-06 £53.95
Brassica Cage 300L 7mm mesh 3m x 1m x 62.5cm UT1GLD200-07 £52.95
Brassica Cage 300M 7mm mesh 3m x 1m x 1.25m UT1GLD200-08 £61.95
Brassica Cage 300H 7mm mesh 3m x 1m x 1.75m UT1GLD200-09 £66.95
Brassica Cage 200/200L 7mm mesh 2m x 2m x 62.5cm UT1GLD200-10 £53.95

Our frames are also available in 1.25m sections. If you require protection just from bird and pest damage to your vegetable crops, please check out our anti-bird netting veg cages.
Butterfly protection cages for brassica vegetables

7mm mesh aperture netting is butterfly proof

Veg cages are manufactured using tough aluminium tube frames