Galvanised welded wire mesh rolls are durable, strong and robust lightweight steel meshes ideal for garden fencing, dog fencing, pest control, chicken and poultry pens, rabbit hutches. Welded wire mesh is manufactured from mild steel wires and welded to form square or rectangular mesh apertures. Once welded the steel mesh is hot-dip galvanised which adds a surface covering of zinc which protects the steel from rust corrosion.

Lightweight weld mesh fencing applications:

  • Garden fences
  • Bounday and border fences
  • Pet / animal fencing / dog fencing
  • Garden fencing and perimeter / boundary fences
  • Tree protection guards against browsing animals
  • Rabbit hutches
  • Anti-slip surfaces on boardwalks and decking areas
  • Fruit and vegetable cages
We stock a large range of lightweight welded wire mesh - although we call it lightweight weld mesh it is very strong with wire diameters ranging from 1mm to 1.6mm. If you require a heavy duty thicker welded wire steel mesh, we also stock a large range of 50x50mm steel wire fencing mesh and galvanised welded wire mesh panels.  

Rolls sizes, mesh apertures and wire diameters supplied:

  • Mesh apertures from ¼’ (6mm) up to 2’ (50mm). See below for further details
  • Roll widths from 2ft (60cm) up to 6ft (1.8m)
  • Wire diameters / thicknesses from 16 gauge to 23 gauge
  • Roll lengths from 6m to 30m
Lighweight welded wire mesh rolls are available in many sqaure and rectangular mesh apertures:
  • 1' x 1' (1 inch, 25 x 25mm)
  • 1' x ½' (1 x ½ inch, 25 x 13mm)
  • ¾”x ¾” (¾ inch, 19 x 19mm)
  • ½” x ½” (½ inch, 13 x 13mm)
  • ¼”x ¼” (¼ inch, 6x6mm)

Key Features of Weld Mesh Fencing:

  • Mesh is welded to form strong sqaure or rectangular holes
  • Rolls are easy to use, cut and install.
  • Galvanisation protects the steel from corrosion and rust
  • Long-lasting fencing mesh
  • Attach to fencing posts using galvanised u-nails and fencing line wire


To ensure that any fencing is strong, permanent and long-lasting we advise that the welded wire mesh rolls should be installed using the correct size of timber fencing posts, fixed using galvanised u-shaped nails and use a fencing line wire to keep the fencing taut. Fencing posts / stakes should be treated softwood or hardwood (machine rounded or square sawn) and be no-more than 2m apart. The steel mesh fencing should be fixed to the wooden fencing stakes using the u-shaped nails and a galvanised fencing line wire installed at the top and bottom of the fencing mesh to keep the mesh taut. 

Galvanised welded steel fencing mesh rolls