Ultimate One Ltd is a leading supplier of innovative, essential and practical products for use in, on and around your garden, landscape or outside space. Whether you are a keen gardener, a home owner, a landscaper, a fencing installer or a handyman we will probably have a product for you.

We stock a large range of gardening products that help protect your plants, crops and fruit bushes from birds, wind, frost, butterflies and sun. Our grow tunnels, cloches, anti-bird frames, fruit cages, poly greenhouses, runner bean frames, pea frames and tomato growers will help you protect your plants and will result in high quality harvest yields. From flowers, plants, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, brassica vegetables and salad crops we have a protection or growth enhancing product for you.

As specialist galvanized wire mesh suppliers, we stock a huge range of galvanized steel fencing meshes that include welded wire mesh, weld mesh panels, hexagonal wire netting, stock wire fencing, line wire and fixing accessories. These galvanised wire mesh products can be used to build pet enclosures, fruit cages, aviaries and fencing. From garden fencing, dog fences, security fencing, rabbit fencing, chicken wire and stock fencing we have a product for you. If you are looking to make a boundary fence, we have green pvc coated galvanised wire which blends into the environment well. For animal control we have heavy-weight thick meshes that will keep foxes and rabbits out, or chickens, sheep, cattle and pigs in. From gardening to agriculture, we have a steel fencing mesh that will meet your requirements

Gardeners Products

If you are looking to grow vegetables, plants, flowers, soft fruit or crops on your garden veg patch or allotment then we may have a product that will help your protect and enhance their growth. From plant cloches, fruit cages, vegetable cages, PP anti-bird netting, plant grow tunnels, poly greenhouses or raised bed systems we have most areas covered.
Grow tunnel for protecting plants and crops

Wire Fencing Mesh

Our range of galvanized steel wire fencing covers most garden, agricultural and commercial applications. We supply weld mesh sheets / panels, weld mesh wire rolls and twisted galvanised hexagonal wire commonly used as rabbit fences or chicken wire. Accessories include straining line wires, barbed wires, u-nails. PVC coated steel fencing, chain link fencing and live stock fencing are all stocked - all wire fencing products are available in different wire diamaters, sizes, roll lengths, mesh shapes and mesh holes sizes.
Rolls of galvanised weld mesh for garden and agricultural fencing